cover Laissons Faire n°1

cover Laissons Faire n°1

For two years, our website has been visited by thousands of people from all around the world, seeking to know more about Turgot, Say, Bastiat and the French philosophy of freedom.

This summer stakes a significant transition for The Institut Coppet. To meet a growing demand, we designed and implemented a new review titled “Laissons Faire”, the second issue of which is now out. Thanks to Benoît Malbranque, our young editor in charge.

Our goal for this journal is to offer a relevant publication to challenge our poor economic times, and increase awareness on the French Classical Liberal School. This is a new way for us to spread the message of liberty, and to highlight the lack of liberty-minded politicians in France.

It is also an important step that will strengthen our ability to provide regular, high-quality material to our demanding readers.

Thank you for your attention given to our work and helping us spread the news.

Damien Theillier, président

Juillet 2013

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