Seminar of the Institut Coppet: What’s wrong with democracy?

The seminar will take place in Paris on June 28th, in the English language. Online Event Registration: //

The failure of democracy

Europe is in crisis. Rising unemployment, riots in the street, political disillusionment, public debts growing. But few blame the democratic system for this.

In this very provocative talk Frank Karsten will explain why the principles and dynamics of democracy lead to these negative results. Why democracy is the new socialism and the results are similar.

About the lecturer

Frank Karsten is founder of Mises Instituut Nederland and of Stichting Meer Vrijheid (More Freedom Foundation). These are Dutch libertarian organizations which act to reduce taxes and government intervention. Together with Karel Beckman he wrote Beyond Democracy, Why democracy leads to social unrest, runaway spending and a tyrannical government. The book is now available in 10 languages, four other languages are in preparation.

1) In the first part of the evening Karsten will explain the inherent problems with democracy and why it does not deliver the desired goods: liberty, social coherence and prosperity. He will further elaborate on the abundant myths that are part of this worldwide secular religion. With the help of graphs Karsten will clarify the negative downward trends of democracy.

• Introduction

• Is democracy what people think it is?

• Democratization versus democracy

• The inherent problems with democracy

• The myths of democracy. Should you bother to vote? Are we all democrats?  Do the people rule? Et cetera.

– Q & A

2) In the second part Karsten will outline a better alternative. What examples can we find in the world indicating this alternative? How can we move in that direction? What to expect of the future of democracy? Will democracy hit a brick wall?

• The logical alternative

• Should we aim to transform democracy?

• The role of technology

• Examples we can aspire to

• How to get there?

• The future of democracy

– Q & A

Read the first chapter of the book

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