The Best of Bastiat

The Best of Bastiat (BOB) is a collection of some of the best material in Liberty Fund’s 6 volume edition of The Collected Works of Frédéric Bastiat (2011-). They are chapter length extracts and have been formatted as pamphlets for easier distribution.

They are also available in epub format.

These extracts should be useful in the classroom, discussion groups, or material for a literature table for outreach. Each extract begins with a brief bio of Bastiat and a discussion of why the text is important. Links to the volume from which the extract came and further reading are provided at the back. The most important passages in the extract are highlighted as pull quotes.

The key to the numbering is as follows, 2.1 means the first extract from volume 2; 2.2 means the second extract from volume 2:

  1. The Best of Bastiat #1.1 “A Life in Letters” (1819-1850) <//>
  2. The Best of Bastiat #2.1 “The State” (1848) <//>
  3. The Best of Bastiat #2.2 “Property and Plunder: Fifth Letter” (July 1848) <//>
  4. The Best of Bastiat #2.3 “The Law” (June 1848) <//>
  5. The Best of Bastiat #3.1 “The Petition of the Manufacturers of Candles” (October 1845) <//>
  6. The Best of Bastiat #3.2 “The Broken Window” (July 1850) <//>
  7. The Best of Bastiat #3.3 “The Utopian” (17 Jan. 1847) <//>

(Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, 2013).

The full collection can be found here <//>.

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